Design Engineering

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+DFM and Moldflow Analysis

    Well Experienced and professional engineers work on DFM and Mold Flow using Autodesk Mold Flow Simulation.

  • Moldflow for Filling/Cooling/Deflection/Venting
  • Crossed technical discussions for best solutions.
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+Design Engineering

  • Development and design, Our tool designers have long-standing experiences with the development and design of single and multicavity moulds with hot systems and cold inlets, moulds for setting of metal inserts (overmoulding), moulds with hydraulic and pneumatic systems, stack moulds and moulds for thin-walled parts. In addition to moulds for plastic parts, we also design and produce stamping tools for metal forming .
  • We use CAD/CAM system Unigraphics NX8.5. This software allows us to create 3D models and subsequently 2D details of individual components.
  • As we are committed to working closely with our customers to provide them with exactly what they want, when they need it!

+Born for customer

    After receiving the customer's concept or request, Unice will use many years of manufacturing expertise and the latest software to provide our customers with high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

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+Professional staff

    Unice knows the importance of engineering and Innovation as good design is the key element for Excellent products.

  • UNICE develops proposals for customers to save and simplify costs
  • UNICE has more than 15 years of plastic mold design staff, and has extensive mold development and post-production experience in professional mold design and product experience.
  • UNICE provides high-quality guarantees and services for production.